Waste Water Treatment Works, Scarborough

The new wastewater treatment plant at Scarborough, valued at approximately £30m, involved the provision of a new treatment works to treat sewage from the town of Scarborough and also to treat the resultant sludge from the works and from other new works at Whitby, Filey and surrounding areas.

As a consequence of its position, the usual open sewage works with exposed tanks and equipment would not have been acceptable, and neither would the Planning Authority accept a "high tech" solution.  Therefore a unique design approach was required, and this has provided a treatment works with the outward appearance of a traditional farm, with all the tanks and treatment plant concealed within the buildings or within the central "foldyard".

The overall elevations of the "farm" have been designed to be a similar scale to the nearest local farm, and a mixture of vernacular architectural styles has been used to replicate a farm that has expanded over the years.

The buildings have been designed to resemble a typical farmstead with a variety of buildings dating from about 1800 to the present day.  They are a mixture of older traditional stone built farm buildings, with some more modern steel clad buildings.  The buildings include a Dutch Barn, Horse Gin, Stables, Milking Parlours and a Farmhouse.

In plan the Works comprise a mixture of these "farm" buildings along three sides of a central courtyard, with dry stone walling on the fourth side.  In addition to the dry stone walling, there are some building "ruins", copses of trees, an orchard and other elements of a typical North Yorkshire farm complex.
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